Why do people self-harm?


 There are many reasons why people self-harm some may include:

Bullying or discrimination

Losing someone close to them such as a parent, brother, sister or friend

Lack of love and affection or neglect by parents or carers

Physical or sexual abuse

A serious illness that affects the way they feel about themselves.

Not being listened to

Or a situation in home or school life where you feel you can't cope with the emotions

If you are self-harming for another reason this is not unusual I have only put the main causes up above



Extreme feelings of fear, anger, guilt, shame, helplessness, self-hatred, unhappiness, depression or despair can build up over time. When these feelings become unbearable, self-harm can be a way of dealing with them.

Reasons young people have given for their self-harm include:

When the level of emotional pressure becomes too high it acts as a safety valve - a way of relieving the tension

Cutting makes the blood take away the bad feelings

Pain can make someone feel more alive when feeling numb or dead inside

Punishing oneself relieves feelings of shame or guilt

When it's too difficult to talk to anyone, it's a form of communication about unhappiness - a way of acknowledging the need for help

Self-harm gives a sense of control when other parts of life may not.


Ways they might self-harm?





Hair pulling;

Over dosing;


Throwing ones body around;

Picking, scratching or tearing at skin to cause sores;

Inhaling or sniffing harmful substances



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