About me





I'm quite a random happy child. I'm an actual music obsessive. I play guitar and sing, I'm learning penny whistle and flute, I own a harmonica which I hope to soon be able to learn. I'm also a very proud owner of a tambourine. I write my own music and I'm currently perfroming at the occasional gigs. I've finished compulsory education, almost completed a year at college and I'm now currently attending a sixth form in Northern Ireland. I guess it's a quite odd thing to do but I'm hoping I succeed. My plans in the future is to have some involvement in the music industry and maybe go to uni. The bands/artists I'm currently into are; Billy Talent, Porcupine Tree, Howie Day, Elton John, Green Day, Pendulum, Lissie, Paramore, Arctic Monkey's and The Pretty Reckless and many more. I'm a strong person and it's taken me a while to realize this I'm also very loyal to my mates and I'm in general a very friendly person :)

Any problems or poems/lyrics or would like to share stories etc email me on





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