What to do if someone you know self-harm


You must be sure of weather that person is doing it or not because the worst thing you can do is make false accusations

if you are sure this person is or has self-harm but won't admit it you can try to sit them down and tell them that you are worried about that person and that you know that they have been self-harming tell that person that you will always be here to help (persuming you are)

you can tell them about this website and send them to the What to do if you self-harm section

if all fail try telling someone you can trust and tell them that you know someone who does self-harm and want to help them

if that person who does self-harm isn't cool with it tell them that you are a true person (or friend depending on the situation) because if you wern't you wouldn't be caring and worried


well i hope it works

good luck


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