Celebrities Who Self-Harm


here are a couple of well known celebrites who self-harm. 

 Lately there have been some rumours going around that Pete Doherty has been self-harming

The lead singer of Babyshambles and The Libertines has been caught on camera slashing himself with a broken bottle

Amy Winehouse has been seen with her arms covered in cuts

The 24 year old singer started out of curiosity since she was nine 

"It f*****g hurts.’ It’s probably the worst thing I’ve done.”

 This is Gail Porter she has revealed that depression and losing her long blonde hair through alopecia led her to self-harm for six years.
 Actress Angelina Jolie, who also struggled with an eating disorder in her younger years, spoke publicly about her experiences with self-injury and that she used to hurt herself as a way of coping. "I went through a period when I felt trapped, cutting myself because it felt like I was releasing something."

Actor Johnny Depp acknowledged that he hurt himself physically at a young age because of his insecurities and family problems. He has about seven or eight scars from practicing self-harm.


Irish actor Colin Farrell spoke about his self-injurious behaviours, including ripping out his own hair in moments of torment.

 "Hole" singer Courtney Love (widow of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain) went through a period of self-injury.
 "Garbage" singer Shirley Manson went public with her experiences with self-harm because she wants to help others with sharing her story.

Singer and songwriter Fiona Apple, who also developed anorexia after being raped at the age of twelve, used to harm herself in the past.

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