What To Do If You Self-Harm?


you must get help or talk to someone in your own time because if you try to talk to someone about it when your not ready it might not help you as much as what it would do if you were ready, i found that when i had to go to councelling (not my choice) nothing really came out of my mouth.

if you find that you want to stop but can't you  MUST keep it clean because if you don't it can get infected

if you really can't stop but want to then try holding an ice cube because you have the pain without the scars or try having an elastic band around your wrist and pluck it everytime you have the urge or if you are feeling angry, attack a punch bag or if you feel that doesn't work punch the wall (not to hard you don't want to break the wall)

Or you could try telling yourself that you have great and amazing friends and family around you i can talk to if i do feel the need to hurt myself

Or tell yourself that you have ten other things to do than hurt yourself

Or if someone is upsetting you and they are making you want to hurt myself tell yourself that your not going to be brought down by some numb minded crackheads and that you can do so much better than them (they arn't even worth thinking about) if someone who has upset you and you find it unbearible then you must tell someone A.S.A.P. because the sooner you tell someone (teacher,parent,family,friends or whoever you trust) the sooner it can get sorted out (sounds simple but it can be quite difficult to tell someone)

Or tell yourself i am willing to feel uncomfortable scared and fustrated

Or tell yourself i feel confident that i can endure thinking about hurting myself without actually doing so

And remember no-one should have to suffer in silence

if all fails then you can always talk to me i am always ready to listen


You can contact me in many ways






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