My story


I started self-harming since the age of 14. I think this all started because I felt like no-one listened to me i felt alone and worthless and it was a way of getting my anger and frustration out. It was around that time I was looking back on my childhood and remembering all the hurt and pain I’ve been through. I had no mother to turn to and my dad rarely listens. I don’t think I ever felt so alone. I went to see a councilor when I was younger about the abuse I went through, but I couldn’t say any thing because I wasn’t ready. Even though looking back on my childhood made me feel worse but I was struggling to see where I’d gone wrong

When I had turned 15 I was then turning to alcohol and self-harming to escape the reality (not a good mix). I started to talk to my form tutor and he gave me some good advise and helped me through most of it. I then started talking to an NCO in my detatchment in cadets and he has given me good advice and without the advise, I honestly don't know where I would be right now. I'm glad i found someone I can trust as there are not many people i can trust.

Talking to someone about my problems really helped so far I managed to stay 8 months without cutting myself. After all I’ve been through one thing I do know is that if I can survive through that I can do anything. I’ve come quite far and im slowly getting better and im not going to let anyone get me down or stopping me because I am determined to have a better future.

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