Help for people who self-harm


Hey guy's


I’ve set up this website for people who do self harm who need advice or guidance I am hoping to also help people who have been bullied because of it and maybe together we can stop the hurt and anger by talking about our experiences i can try and help with other stuff since i have been through so much 


I also believe that it’s not the point that people are self-harming and we need to stop them but to find out the root cause and to solve it which I think by talking about our experiences and pain might help 


I am not here to make you stop i am here to help !!! (sorry i just had to get that over and done with)


I am also here if you have any problems and just need to talk you can stay anonymous if you want but I am not a trained professional !!!

Any problems or poems/lyrics or would like to share stories or anything else etc feel free to contact me about anything.


I am also constantly adding things in so watch out !!!


Take care...

Alex xxx



                         FREEDOM IS NOT NEAR!

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