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This is a space to put your poems and lyrics and anything else erm... same thing with the Your story you must email it to me you can remain annonomous if you wish



My cuts and bruises may fade away,
Safe inside to rest and lay,
My scars however will never fade,
The ones that are deep, the ones i made,

The tears i shed fall from my face,
Onto the cracks on the pavement through steady pace,
And the blood that falls from the wrists that bleed,
Made from the blade or knife which trail it leads,

The burns and scratches on my arm,
Screams the past of when i have self harm,
The memories that leave a mark on my mind,
Are the pain and hurt that i must leave behind,

As i lay restless on my bed at night,
I fear the painful battle i need to fight,
The battle of life and death has begun,
I was shocked to find that anger had won,

The words i speak may fade away,
And i may never have my final say,
Says the girl who cuts her arm to shreds,
Coz the bully makes everyday the day she dreads,

So think about the times she cries and cuts,
And every single last mark she puts,
Maybe then you realize the comments hurt,
When i treated you with respect and you treat me like dirt

By Alex


i see the cuts and scars up above                                                                 i see you see that i've fallen in love                                                           staring up into the sky at night                                                                  hoping for dreams and wishes in sight

i'll cry and cry the pain away                                                                          just hoping to get to you today                                                                      so i'll cut myself into little pieces                                                                  staring at hope in all it's creases

By Alex

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