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Hey guys this is a page for your story erm... one problem if you want your story up here your going to have to email it to me soz xxx you may stay annonomous if you wish



When i first started i was 12 it was because of my dad. i managed to stop for a while untill my life turned for the worse and i felt like crap all the time so i stared again. but this time i went to far and did it to other people, which i truely regret, my teacher saw my cuts and called me in to her office, she called my mother and they talked about me. since then i have stopped and i don't want to start again because i have found other ways to control my anger. im now 16 and i have the most wonderful friends and im really happy.

  Justin Vinyard. (Ipswich)


I was 13 when i first started i was so addicted to it i really didn't know what to do with my life and everything seemed like it was going wrong. My uncle made me go see a councellor i found it hard to talk but in time i gradually managed to talk she was very nice and i have now managed to stop i'm now 15 and i finally have a life, a life i'm proud of i hope this story may inspire people that anything is possible and don't forget it

Anon (Ipswich)






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