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 Phrase Of The Week: When the photo's fade the memories won't !!!


 19th July - 25th July 2008

hmmm well this weeks been really insane i met this boy of the bebo and let's to say i think i screwed it up coz the day started of great then i think because of my actions i've really messed up hmmm i really don't know what to do about that oooooohh i'll pretend it's not there as well as that one of my mates who fancy me now thinks i'm ignoring him when i'm just figuring it out because of all that i ended up getting really upset at cadets i'm really shocked as i am usually really good at hiding my feelings because i usually happy there as i feel like i know who i am and like i've finally figured myself out oh i'm finally a cadet that is such an amazing feelings so yeah this weeks had it's ups and downsbut i'll know i'll be okay but i can't believe i met up with this guy i don't even know and i kissed him that's just not like me it scares me, the old alex wouldn't of done that so i guess i feel like a slut personal reasons but if that,s all i'm goona do with my life then i may as well not live. i've been staring at my scars lately and just thinking i've really buggered myself up how am i suppose to get into the army with scars from when i cut myself well anyway i'll speak to you guys later and don't forget to email me about anything xxx


 12th July - 18th July 2008

This week so far i have had two days off because of the strike so i went shopping and i brought just some random things and i managed to bring back home a fiver which is amazing to me because i never have any money on me erm... also i have a bit of a cold and a bit of a boring week but i can't wait till today as we get our school reports and i have behaved a bit better than last year so i'll let you guys know what how it went plus tommorrow i have to hand in my c.v's for work well were i want to work so i'll also let you guys know how it goes well i gotta go so i'll see you guys later xx

 30th - 11th July 2008

Erm.. this weeks been interesting coz i went to london yesterday on a school trip i went proper hyper coz i had 6 cans of shandy 7 full bowls of ice cream (see if you guys can beat that ) from pizza hut plus a slice of pizza a swiss roll half a big packet of crisps with dip and half a bar of chocolate and a dairylee dunker thingy and i had a fight with some boy at my school who thought it would be funny to take the piss at that was on the train there and then i thourt i lost my ipod so my mate and my form tutor had to go search on the train but then i found it again it was at the bottom of my other bag with the shandy and then i lost my ticket about 5 million times and i also actually got upset on the tube coz there was all the drama students plus people who are getting home from work then there was an awefull lot of stairs so i was like fuck sake with all of them coz there was 193 spiral stairs (who needs alcohol when you can get the same feeling through running up 193 stairs LOL) and then we got to go round convent garden and me and my mates went to pizza hut and they had pizza (i nicked a slice shhh) and i had the unlimited trips to the icecream factory which was 7 times LOL and we then went shopping so i chose to go to the disney store and i loved it but it's not as big as the one that used to be in york (i lived 10 minutes away from there when i was 4 ) it was quite emotional coz the last time i saw my brother was in london 11 years well till this day and i also threw up alot (11 years ago not yesterday suprisingly) i brought the nightmare before christmas underwear and socks they are so funky and i saw a man playing the guitar on his thighs well he rested it on his thighs so that was amazing and then we went to see blood brothers and by that time i was proper hyper and half the play was a bit puzzling like the fact that a poor dirty boy with holes in his clothes was wearing converse baseball boots (WARNING i hate it when people say converse when there not and then call them fake but there not there baseball boots also i don't really hate things as hate gives you wrinkles LOL ) and i actually got on peoples nerves on the way back coz i was like really hyper but i'm worse when i'm drunk oooh and also i got an A in drama yesterday but today has been crap i missed cadets yesterday and i had to run 100 meters and it took me 10.58 but i actually wasn't last but how come coz this girl who did come last said she got 6 min but she can't of though well sports day has been crap but life will get better coz on the plus side last year i came last this year i came 6th but i don't know how many people did but i'll let you know later

take care xxx

 29th - 03rd july 2008

well todays been kinda insane i had the summer concert and i rocked if i must say so myself i played valarie with style and i went to cadets yesterday that was so much fun but it was only drill though well haven't got alot to say l8rs xxx

 21st june - 28th june 2008

well what another insane week well i fell in love on a monday broke my heart on a thursday and i'm gonna have to learn another instrument which is probably gonna be flute i had P.T. on thursday (physical training) which i'm in so much pain because of it well i had to do press ups, sit ups, and other stuff and i managed to hurt my knee again so it's slightly insane.

one thing thats really weird is that i thought i knew what love was till i met him and the sad thing is that i would do anything for him and i've never felt this way about a person in my life that i've actually gotten over my ex -boi so some good news and he's really flirty but i really don't know if he likes me anymore because he was really offish on thursday (yesterday) and apparently he has a girlfriend (must plan revenge against her) well i have more P.E today and i think by the end of the day i'm gonna be dead well a plus side is i'm going into town later well i gotta go speak to you guys later xxx

 14th june - 20th june 2008

well this weeks been pretty insane well for starters i'm joining army cadets so i have realized that i have a huge mouth and maybe i can actually think on my feet and i did my army test (barb) and got 55/60 which i think i did pretty damn good concidering the dude sitting opposite me had to do it for the second time and he had to be in his mid 20's so one word ha ha and i also went to my mates b'day it was hillarious i really can't use dance mats (mate got it for her b'day) i actually couldn't stop stuffing my face it was hillariously funny i was also wearing a dress (OMG) and heels (ouch) well i gotta go coz i'm getting pretty tired now so see ya's later

much love xxx

 07th june 2008 - 13th june 2008

once again the weeks been sorta hectic i had another really stupid science test and i'm teaching my maths teacher to play guitar (insaneness) and my dad is once again pissed off even though this week hasn't been the greatest all i know is that there are more fun weeks to come i'm just waiting. can't wait till later today because i'm playin my guitar to the form class well not much to say this week gonna have to wait till next week x

 31st may 2008 - 06th june 2008

Well this week has been pretty insane well i handed in my army forms and i've got a test on the 18th so it's a little scary so i just have to play the waiting game at the mo and i just had drama although i'm a pretty emotional person i still find it very hard to get any emotion out of me but i did an okay job i supose. i think lifes going way to fast at the moment i'm still trying to get in contact with my bother so that's been pretty weird i also haven't really had any urges lately so i guess that's a good thing well i guess i'm gonna go now well probably more to say next week so watch out x

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